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People make contact with the Centre for many reasons.


They may have been assaulted or know someone who has been assaulted. Information, advice and support are available where someone finds themselves a victim of rape or sexual assault, for adult survivors of child sexual abuse, and those experiencing sexual harassment or domestic violence.

There is no “typical” person who comes to us here at the Centre.

They may be young or old, recently assaulted, assaulted many years ago, or abused in childhood. We acknowledge the courage it takes to make that first phone call to the Centre or to call in to the Centre for the first time. Callers are young and old, women and men, of different nationalities and ethnicities. All however, have been effected by sexual violence at different stages of their lives.



The door of Sexual Violence Centre is open to all, irrespective of the nature of the sexual violence they experienced or when it occurred.



The freephone number is 1800 496 496 for those calling from the Cork area. This is the first contact many people make with the Centre. 

You can also contact the Centre by texting us on 087 1533 393, emailing or through social media. 

information and advice

Survivors and their families may require information and advice on a number of issues - for example: Legal issues, medical issues and service availability.
Staff are on hand to help answer any questions you might have. 



Counselling is a one to one relationship which provides support and encouragement to allow someone to talk about the experiences and events which have affected their lives.

The counsellor offers a safe and confidential space to enable people to get in touch with and express whatever thoughts and feelings are necessary for them to move on in their lives.


sexual assault treatment unit (SATU)

SATUs are specialised units, based in hospitals, where Forensic Medical Examinations (FME) are carried out. These examinations are performed by trained medical personnel. 

The Sexual Violence Centre Cork is on call 24 hours a day to accompany people to the SATU and a counsellor will be available to provide support at the time and to offer follow up counselling.

victim impact reports

Where a formal complaint of an assault is made to the Gardaí, this may result in a court case.

If the defendant is found guilty, the judge is required to request a Victim Impact Report to help them with sentencing.

The report outlines the impact and effects of the assault on the victim.

If a person has undergone counselling at the Centre, his/her counsellor can prepare a report on their behalf.



Staff at the Centre can make referrals to other agencies or liaise with other services or agencies on behalf of clients.

We can also accompany clients to GP services, hospitals, clinics, Garda stations or court as necessary. 


support for families

Family and friends can be affected and feel powerless when a family member is raped or assaulted. Support offered by the Centre includes information and advice on how best they can be of help and how they can support themselves. The Centre does not provide counselling by phone but you can get information about the Centre and arrange an appointment.



We aim to make the services in the Centre as accessible as possible.

Where we are in a position to do so, we will provide an interpreter if a client has limited or no English.

This service can also be arranged where a client has hearing difficulties.


Training is tailored to ensure it meets the needs of the participants. The Centre regularly holds workshops with second and third level students throughout Cork city and county. Sexual Violence Centre Cork School Programme

We also conduct workshops with voluntary groups and statutory organisations.

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