During the last year, the Sexual Violence Centre Cork marked

30 years of service provision to victims of sexual violence.

In the 30 year period, more than 30,000 victims of sexual violence have reported to the Garda Síochána.

Research tells us that for every victim that reports another 3 victims have been unable, or felt unable to report.  The true number of incidents of sexual violence in the past 30 years is therefore in excess of 120,000.

On March 8th, the Centre launched its campaign, 30,000 + Reasons.

Our hope is that the campaign will lead to renewed dialogue on sexual violence in Ireland -a dialogue that may change attitudes leading to a reduction in sexual violence,  leading to increased awareness of the services that are available to victims and to changes in the systems that may result in increased reporting.  Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, Galway Rape Crisis Centre and 1 in 4 are also participating in the campaign.

There are a number of ways that you can still help and be part of the change

- like us on Facebook and follow the campaign

- get your friends to like us on Facebook and follow the campaign

- buy a 30,000 + Reasons T-shirt, and submit your photograph - the photographs will be built into a wall of support for the campaign

- organise a 30,000+ Reasons gathering of your friends or colleagues.  They  can purchase the T-shirts, take the photographs and submit them to the “wall”

- organise a fundraising event.

T-shirts cost €10 or €5 euro if a photo is posted.

Contact us on Facebook, twitter, by email or phone.

Tell your friends.

Don’t forget to tag your photographs on the Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mary Crilly

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News Section

The news section of the website provides details about the events in the centre, awareness campaigns and media articles.

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Fundraising News

Mel McCarthy is undertaking the Cork City Half Marathon this year and has kindly nominated the SVC as his chosen charity. His fundraising page on mycharity.ie outlines all the details. Thank you Mel  all the support.

Wishing you all the best with your challenge.

Things to Know About the Sexual Violence Centre, Cork

  • 65% of our clients have been abused as children
  • 35% have been raped or assaulted as adults
  • We support families and friends of victims
  • 15% of our clients are male
  • We deliver education and training
  • Our counselling service is free
  • We provide both long term and short term counselling
  • We counsel adults and teenagers
  • To reflect who we are, we have changed our name to the Sexual Violence Centre Cork
  • The Sexual Violence Centre Cork (Cork Rape Crisis Centre) has been operating in Cork since 1983.

    The aims of the Centre are:

    • To work towards the elimination of violence in society
    • To provide the highest quality of service provision to victims of sexual violence and sex trafficking.
    • We offer counselling and support to women, men and teenagers (over 14) who have experienced sexual violence or child sexual abuse, and provide information and support for their friends and families. The Centre is aware of the importance of raising awareness about the extent of Sexual Violence and the impact it has on a person.
    • To this end we engage in research, provide training and education and work with government, statutory and voluntary agencies in order to influence social policy.

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    • STOP Sex Trafficking
    • Task Force on Violence Against Women
    • National Steering Committee on Violence Against Women
    • National Women’s Council of Ireland
    • Health Service Executive - Southern Region
    • Sexual Health Forum
    • Women’s Health
    • Cork City Partnership
    • Women in Focus

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    21 Years Evolving

    • article in City Living Magazine about the origins of the Centre

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