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#FixedIt Ireland

Fixing newspaper headlines and challenging the media.

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#FixedIt Ireland is a campaign set up to re-write headlines and challenge the media, inspired by the work started by journalist and feminist Jane Gilmore. The campaign is run on Twitter and Instagram, where we take inappropriate and incorrect headlines and ‘fix’ them, tagging the respective news source to ensure they see the new headline. 


As part of our work, we regularly send complaints to the media. Sometimes, we make these complaints under the Press Council of Ireland's complaints procedure when an article or headline contravenes the Code of Practice. Other times, we make complaints that urge the media to change their language and reconsider how they report on male violence, sexual violence and domestic violence. 


We have set up this page to encourage our followers to join us in sending complaints to the media. Below you will find a general complaint template, information on the Press Council of Ireland Complaints Procedure and contact details for editors in Ireland.

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